The ModVoc Pilot
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Training Systems
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Process Models

Leonardo da Vinci -project: FI-04-B-F-PP-160530

The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)

Training Systems

The HUVA project has developed a three-tier coaching model: the vocational coaching proceeds from basic and advanced coaching to Team Finland coaching. Qualifying trials are aranged to select participants for the next stage.

-   Basic coaching
-   aim: six participants per trade
-   coaching mainly takes place in schools but partly in businesses
-   Advanced coaching
-   about six participants per trade
-   students are coached in businesses by coaches employed by schools
-   Team Finland coaching
-   one participant per trade to represent Finland in the WSC event
-   coaching methods include camps for Team Finland

The skills coaching network consists of coaching teams, coaching businesses, coaching managers, trade mangers, coaches and, of course, the coachees. The number of schools selected as Skills coaching units is currently about 50, while the number of coaching businesses is about 100. Vocational coaching is directed by the Coaching Manger appointed by Skills Finland.

The Coaching Manager supervises 41 trade managers, responsible for the coaching in their trades. The actual coaching is carried out by the coaches, about 150 in number, and the workplace tutors in the coaching businesses.

AKVA Project: Improvement of vocational skills through coaching and competition

Training of Vocational Competition Specialists

The Hämeenlinna (HAMK) Teacher Training College is running the AKVA project (Improvement of vocational skills through coaching and competition), with the aim of supporting the skills competition activity by means of of educating competition experts. The aim of training vocational competition specialists is to cretae a network of actors for skills competitions, in other words, a network of competition specialists, coaches and trade managers for national competitions. The knowledge of vocationla teachers and workplace tutors is developed so that they are capable of coaching for competence-based qualifications, skills competitions and other twasks requiring a high level knowledge. The competition and coaching system is closely linked with the Finnish educational system.