The ModVoc Pilot
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Objectives and Outcomes
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Training Systems
National Competitions
Competition Tasks
Process Models

Leonardo da Vinci -project: FI-04-B-F-PP-160530

The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)

Training Systems

Training levels

Steering group of the training centre

The steering group consist of trade managers, principal(s), representatives of adult education and a necessary amount of the representatives of working life. The steering group calls the chairperson and secretary. The task of the steering group is to create base to the training for operations, to support and to motivate coaches, to develop training activity and to get new coaches from different competition trades. In addition to this the steering group upkeeps connections to Skills Finland.

Coordinator of the training centre

The coordinator works as the presenter of the management group and prepares the matters belonging to the area of responsibility of the management group.

Trade Managers

The trade managers are responsible for both the TAI training centre and the national training of the trade in the country. In those trades, which do not trade managers, the instructions of the training are asked from other training centres.


The coaches put into effect training together with the trade manager and working life.

Other teaching staff

All teachers of the institute are required to support their well trained students to participate to the national Taitaja-games.