The ModVoc Pilot
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Leonardo da Vinci -project: FI-04-B-F-PP-160530

The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)

Training Systems

Levels of the Training

Skills Finland has defined the training to three different levels: Basic training, Further training and International Finnish Team training. Besides this the training centres offer supportive training to young basic examination students to participate in the national Taitaja-games.

Annually 2-4 students of each trade are taken to the Taitaja training (for national skills copetition). The training is mainly arranged alongside to the normal studies at school, but besides this there are organized "camps "and study journeys to give further training to national Taitaja-games. To this activity there are no special finance possibilities available.

About 12 students are selected to basic training from the whole country. The target is, that the Training Centres are sending best possible students to this group. The training given in this phase is arranged on basic examination level.

From whole of the country only three students are selected to further training. The training is arranged on vocational/further vocational level. The trainees have finished their training in the general basic training and is normally arranged in terms of apprenticeship contract in cooperation with companies.

One student is finally selected to the Finnish Team training on the WSC-level. The training gives full-time work for student 3- 4 months before the WSC competitions.

Example of organizing one of the training centres (Turku Vocational institute, TVI) Organization of the training activity in training centre