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Leonardo da Vinci -project: FI-04-B-F-PP-160530

The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)

Training Systems

The General Systems of Training for Vocational Skills Competitions in the Target Countries

The Technical Delegate of Liechtenstein Josef Nigsch commented the WSC-training in the following way:

"WSC could be like a vocational Pisa test in VET.." and " a market place to see what's relevant and market derived skills in each trade"

The comment is easy to approve when having a look at the Success Story of WorldSkills Liechtenstein. The country first participated in the competition in 1968. Since that all the way to the Helsinki 2005 competition the country has sent 147 participants and won at least one medal per participation. This means that almost each third participant has won a medal for Liechtenstein.

The list of Liechtensteinian medals from Bern 1968 to Helsinki 2005

15 Gold medals
13 Silver medals
18 Bronze medals
48 Certifications