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The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)


Team Turku Vocational Institute

Turku Vocational Institute has a strong participation in the Japan World Skills Competition 2007. The institution has a leading role in arranging national WSC-training in four trades. The trades are polymechanics, industrial electronics, IT PC/ network support and cooking. Furthermore Turku Vocational Institute has a close partnership agreement together with the arranger of the trade metal roofing.

Olavi Lähteinen, Expert of Industrial Electronics, trade 16
Veikko Koivukangas, Expert of Polymechanics, trade 1
Jusa Virtanen, Expert of IT PC/ Network Support,trade 39
Jari Mustikkamaa, Expert of Metal Roofing, trade 14
Jorma Haranen, Personal Trainer of Cooking, trade 34

Former students of Turku Vocational Institute participate altogether in three trades. They are:

Printing technology, trade 11
Competitor: Toni Törmä, age 22

Metal Roofing, trade 14
Competitor: Markus Mustikkamaa, age 18

Confectioner/ Pastry Cook, trade 32
Competitor: Mikko Hietala, age 22

pdf Shizuoka 2007 - Team Turku Vocational Institute
Study Team of Turku
Study Team of Turku

Other Staff in WSC 2007

Olavi Lähteinen
– Co-ordinator of competition activities, working also as expert of Electronics Turku Vocational Institute

Hannu Immonen
– Principal of Technology
– The Technical Delegate of Finland is working also as a jury president and the key person of all Finnish experts

Matti Haapanen
– Project co-ordinator of the Long Life Learning Programme
– The contact person of the EuroSkills 2008 competition arrangements and the SkillsFinland organization

Atte Airaksinen
– The priest of the Finnish national team


Co-ordinator Lähteinen
Principal of Technology Immonen
Project co-ordinator Haapanen The priest of the Finnish national team Airaksinen

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