The ModVoc Pilot
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Leonardo da Vinci -project: FI-04-B-F-PP-160530

The Modern Vocational Training Pilot (ModVoc)

Project Description

The Targets Of Modern Vocational Training Pilot Project

Enhancing the popularity of vocational training

In the area of the three above-mentioned target industries the lack of competent, occupation-oriented workers and employees will be the most significant problem in the whole of tomorrow's Europe. To ensure a sufficient recruiting basis and to increase the number of candidates of these occupations the Project will create marketing actions especially for young people.

SEE APPENDIX: a separate article by Ulrich Tinner; Wir müssen Imagepflege betreiben (Wirtschaft Regional Liechtenstein 3.12.2005)

Vocational training and industries already show close cooperation in central areas of technology industries. This is our starting-point and the process following it culminates in vocational competition events at both national and international level. Additionally, the cooperation and the knowledge transfer between school, technology centres and industry within Europe.